A Lost Voice: musician turned poet

81zkid3f6gl-_ux250_Christopher Andrews has been involved on and off in the arts for over 25 years. Though music and writing did not end up being his career path, the former marine was able to pursue his passions in many ways.  In recent years, he has published 5 books of poetry, “Sugar and Heartmeat”, “Empty Birds in Broken Pianos”, “Learning to Lasso the Moon”, “Erotographomania: Love Letters to M”, and “The Dead Poet”.

He started his journey into art at a very young age. Christopher said that “piano lessons [were] forced on me at the age of 5,” but he never was inspired to create anything musically until about 1987 when he heard Guns and Roses. The band made him realize that he “wanted to sing and be a rock star.” As he continued to grow, his passion for music never left. He taught himself how to play guitar and how to sing. Christopher explains “I just discovered the joy of performing,” and from there it had nothing to do with making a living, but the happiness that was brought by being on stage in front of people playing his own music. Christopher used performing as an outlet. He said that performing “was always for a personal reason and to work something out of my head.” He played for a very long time. Performing shows at local joints as a young adult and continuing until he was in his 30s.

“You could tell that performing was something Christopher loved. Something that made him truly happy,” John Taylor voices the utter joy that he was able to see when Christopher was performing back in his early 20s.

However, as Christopher got older, he started to lose his voice off and on for about 13 51uamlsrqplyears. This forced him to turn to a different outlet. He goes further stating that “one day about 5 years ago I picked up a pencil and wrote a long poem which started me to get slowly into writing and in a different style than on I had forced on myself previously.” After writing for a few years, he published his first book of poetry “Sugar and Heartmeat”. Once this book was published, he continued to write and still hasn’t stopped writing to this very day. Christopher claims that writing is something that has helped him keep living his life. He describes it as a “double edged sword”.

A close friend Julia Smitch states that “Christopher has really been able to express himself through poetry.” It’s something that she thinks has really been able to change his life and the way he conveys him emotions.

Christopher confirmed this by stating that “when things in my life were so painful and out of control, the only thing I could do was write,” he continues stating “it was the only thing in my life I could control at all.” Writing has become a huge part of his life in a very important way. Allowing him to really communicate what is happening in his life even if he doesn’t feel that he can vocally communicate his emotions to the world.

He finds inspiration from many classic poets such as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Charles Bukowski. Christopher feels as though these inspirational figures have “helped 41q9mnofpnlme find a voice,” and “help mold my style.”

Since being published, one of Christopher’s favorite things about being involved in the arts is being able to hold a book of all his own work in his hands. He says that “anytime I see someone with a copy of my book and either posting it on social media or sending picture to me is pretty much the most awesome feeling in the world.” He continues to write poetry and publish his poems. His most recent release “The Dead Poet” became available just this past June.


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