Hand of God: A dark comedy with an interesting twist



Image from Victory Gardens/victorygardens.org

A satanic sock puppet takes control of a troubled teen’s left arm seeking out to feed on the flesh of his young victim in a play by Robert Askins.

Set in Cypress, Texas, Hand of God takes place in the basement of a church where many of the youth spend their time putting on and practicing a show at the Christian Puppet Ministry.  Tyrone, a hand puppet, is made out of a sock and a few scraps of fabric. The young puppeteer controlling Tyrone realizes that there is no way to control the puppet. It developed a life of its own. However, he is planning to feed and corrupt his young host.

The comedy is an interesting twist on the set of a small town Christian community. The foul mouthed humor presented by the sock puppet Tyrone is absolutely and shockingly hilarious. Though this comedy is dominated by a puppet, it is not something for the kids. In a way, Hand of God is like the foul mouth adult brother to a show like Sesame Street.

As Tyrone starts to take control of his host Jason played by Alex Weisman, the puppet becomes the dominate force speaking out in what Jason would never say. In the end, the puppet creates a disaster around his host that is at the same time extremely funny. Tyrone makes everyone around Jason shocked and often uncomfortable. Shouting lewd and foul suggestions at everyone around.

This vulgar adult comedy will make most roll on the floor with laughter.  Though this type of humor may not be for everyone, those who can get past the profanity are sure to find that this comedy is worth the time. The transformation and almost procession of the young boy by the evil force is something that is completely hilarious and left the whole audience filling the theater with laughter.


REVIEW: “Hand to God” (3 STARS)

When: October 23

Where: Victory Gardens Theater

2433 North Lincoln Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614

Running time: 1 hr and 50 min

Tickets: $20-$60 at 773.871.3000 or www.victorygardens.org




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