Ridge (out, away, back) in Chicago


Richard Nonas’s ridge will be displayed at the Arts Institute in Chicago at the Bluhm Family Terrace starting in October.

Abstract artist, Richard Nonas’s creation the ridge (out, away, back) is an art piece centered around the medium of the line. The art piece is the first large scale work of Nonas to be displayed in Chicago. The exhibition will be held by the Arts Institute of Chicago from October 13th to April 23rd in the Bluhm Family Terrace.

Richard Nonas was born in New York. He turned to scrupling as an art form in his 30’s. Often, Nonas used pieces of nature to take up space in a way that creates a place, feeling, and message. Much of Nonas’s art work is meant to demand space by being presented on the ground similar to the presentation of ridge. The artwork created by Nonas are very minimalist and abstract.

A display of a message that is created simply by the use of lines. It is constructed of mainly raw materials including wood, stone, and steel (Art Institute of Chicago). He uses lines to help prevent the idea of space and how it is made into a place.  The Arts Institute describes the exhibition as “a rhythmic array of 90 ready-made granite curbstones cutting like diagonal tracks across the underlying grid of the terrace floor” (Art Institute of Chicago).  The artwork is made up of many granite curbstones demands the attention of its viewers by being presented sprawled across the floor taking up a large amount of space.  These stones cut through the space in many directions creating horizontal and vertical intersections. The lines are displayed in a rhythmic pattern. Though the piece is a simple variety of lines and intersection, it takes a space and creates a place filled with pieces of nature.



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